I see art as an introspective adventure.​​​​​​​
My work is fueled by my emotional experiences and philosophical questions. I seek to translate my introspective process into imagery, re-conceptualizing it to understand myself and the world more deeply.   
I've distilled common themes that arise into a personal range of symbols that speaks to death, surrender, trust, vulnerability, openness, expansion, the art of relationship, and awe.  
Before anything else, I am a curious and passionate human being dedicated to a life of discovery and growth.  I have traditionally served in the field of youth development.  When not analyzing my personal life philosophy, I am also a freelance writer, illustrator, and creative generalist living in Asheville, NC.  I deeply enjoy traveling in Latin America, drinking coffee, soaking up nature, and reading about psychology and philosophy.

As an artist, I work primarily in watercolor and gouache. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting the world of art.  Please do not hesitate to contact with questions!

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